America's Next Top Model:
Guys & Girls 3
Cycle 22
Original Channel The CW
Original Run August 5, 2015 -
December 4, 2015
Additional Information
No. of contestants 14
Winner Nyle DiMarco
Season chronology
Cycle 21: Guys & Girls 2
Cycle 23

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 22 (subtitled as America's Next Top Model: Guys & Girls 3) will premiere on August 5, 2015 and it is the 16th season to air on The CW.

On October 14, 2015, Tyra Banks announced via social media, that cycle 22 will be the last cycle of America's Next Top Model. The show was later picked up by VH1 and the 23rd cycle will start airing in December 2016, with Rita Ora as the new host.

Like the two previous seasons, it will feature both male and female contestants, and for the first time since cycle 13, registration was opened to petite models.

The judges for this cycle will be: Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone and J. Alexander.

Yu Tsai will remain as creative director.

Unlike the last three cycles, social media will no longer be a factor in eliminations.

There was no international destination in this cycle. The contestants went to Las Vegas.

This season also marks the first time a deaf contestant, Nyle DiMarco, is on the show. He was ultimately chosen as the winner of the competition.


The prizes for this cycle are:

  • A modeling contract with NEXT Model Management
  • A spread in Nylon magazine.
  • A US$100,000 contract to become the face of the Zappos Couture's 2016 re-launch.


(Ages stated are at time of contest)

Contestant Age Height Hometown Outcome
Delanie Dischert
21 1.79 m (5 ft 10 ½ in) Wilmington, Delaware Eliminated in Episode 3
Stefano Churchill
23 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in) Virginia Beach, Virginia Eliminated in Episode 4
Ava Capra
19 1.64 m (5 ft 4 ½ in) Los Angeles, California Eliminated in Episode 6
Ashley Molina
21 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in) Brooklyn, New York Eliminated in Episode 7
Bello Sanchez
26 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Los Angeles, California Eliminated in Episode 8
Courtney DuPerow
21 1.60 m (5 ft 3 in) Avon Lake, Ohio Eliminated in Episode 8
Justin Kim
23 1.84 m (6 ft ½ in) Springfield, Virginia Eliminated in Episode 10
Dustin McNeer
18 1.81 m (5 ft 11 ½ in) Kernersville, North Carolina Eliminated in Episode 5
Returned in Episode 9
Eliminated in Episode 10
Hadassah Richardson
23 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in) Houston, Texas Eliminated in Episode 12
Devin Clark
22 * 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in) San Francisco, California Eliminated in Episode 13
Lacey Rogers
18 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) El Dorado, Arkansas Eliminated in Episode 16
Mikey Heverly
25 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in) Hollywood, Florida Eliminated in Episode 16
Mamé Adjei
23 1.71 m (5 ft 7 ½ in) Silver Spring, Maryland Runner-up
Nyle DiMarco
25 1.84 m (6 ft ½ in) Washington, D.C. Winner
  • Devin celebrated his 22nd birthday in the filming of episode 8

Episode Summaries

The Guys and Girls Make It to Hollywood

Original Airdate: August 5, 2015
The thirty-one semifinalists board a double-decker bus and get their pictures taken as it travels through the streets of Hollywood. Afterwards, they meet the judges before being paired off for a runway show in front of the show's fans. The contestants are later interviewed individually at panel and have their photos from the bus reviewed. Tensions rise backstage after Bello's crown gets broken by one of the other contestants.

After panel, the models are driven to the top model house. There Miss J and Yu Tsai explain that there is a pool of foam containing beach balls with the names of the twenty-two contestants who have been chosen to move on to the next stage of the casting process. Those who do not find a ball with their name on it are eliminated from the competition.

  • Featured photographer: Massimo Campana

The Girl Who Walks Away

Original Airdate: August 12, 2015
The remaining contestants move into the top model home to meet the property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, to see their decoration of the cycle 22 house. After choosing their beds, Yu Tsai and Miss Jay show up for the very first challenge. The models must take part in a pose-off in pairs with the last contestant standing being granted entrance into the Tyra suite. Ava and Mamé make it through each round successfully, but it is Mamé who is chosen as the winner of the challenge. Later into the night Hadassah calls a house meeting, rubbing several of the contestants the wrong way.

The following day the semifinalists show up at Universal CityWalk before a live crowd to pose semi-nude with personalized hashtags in a shoot for the season's promotional poster. Semifinalist Alexa decides to quit the competition before the photo shoot, and Devin suffers a breakdown after doing badly. Back at the house, Devin and Bello get into a heated argument. That same night the judges deliberate on the photos from the shoot before deciding on who will make the top fourteen.

In the morning, Yu Tsai and Miss Jay meet the models in a shipyard to announce that the contestants will face one last challenge before learning whether or not they've made the final cut. The models will take part in a fashion show three stories in the air, walking across shipping containers before walking off the edge of the runway. Those who are harnessed across to the other side will become finalists, while those who are lowered to the ground will be eliminated. The episode concludes with a cliffhanger, continuing the following episode.

  • Featured photographers: Massimo Campana, Erik Asla
  • Featured guests: Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott (Property Brothers)

The Guy Who Gets Shipped Out

Original Airdate: August 19, 2015
The episode continues where the previous one left off, with the models meeting agency director of Next management in Los Angeles, Alexis Borges. He explains that all the models who have made it into the final cast will be carried across the gap between shipping containers, and that those who haven't will be lowered down. The models are then styled with clothes from Erik Rosete's fashion line and shoes from Miss J's new collection before being taken to the top of the first stack of containers. One by one, all the contestants take their turn on the runway before stepping off the edge. Semi-finalists Bryant, Larissa, Gage, Miguel, Maleesa, India and Dallas are all lowered to the ground and are eliminated. Tyra congratulates the final fourteen before they return to the house to celebrate and see their scores for the challenge. The following day the contestants are driven to a studio to meet Yu Tsai and photographer Erik Asla for their first official photo shoot. The models are paired for a portrait shoot in which they will be bound together by different objects:

Couple Bound with
Ashley & Devin Barbed wire
Ava & Stefano Christmas lights
Bello & Lacey Chains
Courtney & Mikey Hair
Delanie & Nyle Ropes
Dustin & Hadassah Skinny belts
Justin & Mamé Computer cords

Before starting, Tyra shows up to give the models a lesson on good and bad 'no neck posing'. Several contestants, notably Lacey, Justin, Mamé and Ava do a good job on the shoot. Others like Hadassah, Delanie and Stefano, struggle. Courtney begins to cry backstage during hair and makeup. Worried that she'll affect the results of the shoot, Mikey goes to comfort her. Back at home the next day, Courtney overhears Mikey venting his frustration at always having to help her, causing her to cry some more.

At panel Tyra announces that the social media scoring has been dropped from the show. She explains that in cases of a tie among two or more contestants in the bottom, the judges will vote on which contestants will stay and which will be eliminated. In contrast to the previous three cycles, the judges' scores will be revealed as each contestant is called during elimination.

Bello and Lacey both receive good feedback for their photo. Dustin and Hadassah are critiqued for not working well as a pair, and Hadassah is critiqued on her inability to follow direction. Devin receives praise from all three judges and Ashley is commended for putting Tyra's teach to good use. Delanie and Nyle are told their photo is too safe. In spite of delivering a great photo, Mikey is called out for being smug. Courtney is critiqued for not 'finding her light'. Ava is praised for dominating her and Stefano's photo, while Stefano is judged for letting her take over and perpetuating the cliché of 'the male model as the accessory'. Justin and Mamé receive good feedback but are told they didn't connect together.

During elimination, Devin is revealed to have obtained the highest overall score. Delanie and Stefano are called forward as the bottom two. The final scores are revealed, and Delanie is eliminated from the competition for her lack of intensity and failing to put her beauty to good use.

  • First call-out: Devin Clark
  • Bottom two: Delanie Dischert & Stefano Churchill
  • Eliminated: Delanie Dischert
  • Featured photographer: Erik Asla
  • Special guests: Alexis Borges, Erik Rosete

The Girl Who Has a Close Shave

Original Airdate: August 26, 2015
The contestants arrive home after elimination. For having won best photo, Devin finds a 'TyTy tip' waiting for him to see in the Tyra suite. Meanwhile, romance sparks between Ashley and Mikey. Devin and Hadassah get into an argument over a practical joke.

The following morning the models meet Yu Tsai at the location of the photo shoot. Yu Tsai introduces them to army veterans Alex Minsky and Melissa Stockwell, who both talk about the limbs they lost during combat, and what their lives have been like since. The theme for the session is to honor war veterans whilst engaging in extreme couture posing. Nyle opens up about his deafness, and the isolation he experiences in the house because of it. Immediately before the shoot begins, the contestants meet fashion editor Joe Zee, who will look over the styling for the day. Devin has a hard time following direction. Hadassah and Stefano have a difficult time, and Dustin is asked to leave the set for laughing in the shoot. Courtney, Bello, Justin, Mamé, Mikey, Ashley, Nyle, Lacey amd Ava all receive mostly positive comments.

The day after the shoot, the models are taken to the Cristophe salon for their makeovers. Most are happy with their changes, but Hadassah initially rejects having half of her hair shaved and contemplates leaving the competition. After being talked into it by the judges at the salon, she accepts the change.

Model Makeover
Ashley Tyra Banks inspired pixie cut and contacts
Ava Short mullet
Bello Long hair extensions
Courtney Layered gray ombre with a side fringe and teeth whitened
Devin Shaved near bald and dyed black
Dustin Sun kissed blonde
Hadassah Hair shaved on one side
Justin Faux hawk fade
Lacey Chic bob cut
Mamé Curly voluminous weave
Mikey Trimmed and lightened
Nyle Trimmed and cleaned up
Stefano Blonde extension highlights

At panel, Ashley and Dustin are critiqued for their lack of connection with the veterans and lackluster photos. Justin, Courtney, Mikey, Bello, Devin and Ava, who later receives best photo during elimination, all receive positive feedback. The rest of the models receive mixed critique. Stefano is judged for failing to deliver once again, while Hadassah is called out for not handling her look with a positive attitude. Both of them receive the lowest scores and land in the bottom two. Hadassah receives the last photo with a score of 22.4, and after his second consecutive appearance at the bottom, Stefano is eliminated.

  • First call-out: Ava Capra
  • Bottom two: Hadassah Richardson & Stefano Churchill
  • Eliminated: Stefano Churchill
  • Featured photographer: Erik Asla
  • Special guests: Alex Minsky, Melissa Stockwell, Joe Zee, Cristophe

The Guy Who Gets a Hickey

Original Airdate: September 2, 2015
The remaining twelve models return from the previous panel. Mikey's relationship with Ashley begins to take a toll on Courtney, who feels like she'd been developing a connection with him. Meanwhile, Devin, Mikey and Ashley make themselves known for being the 'mean girls' of the house. Later into the night Mikey and Bello get into a heated argument after the latter complains Ashley and Mikey aren't letting him sleep properly.

The following day the contestants meet Yu Tsai and are introduced to Anthony De La Rosa, an agent for new faces at Next Model Management. For the challenge, the models will be photographed by Massimo Campana with an Oppo cell phone to create composite cards. They must each take a full body and close up photo and retouch each photo to create a presentable final result with as little change as possible.

For having found the right balance between airbrushing and natural beauty, Mikey is chosen as the winner of the challenge. He is allowed to take another person with him out to dinner, and chooses Devin to go with him. After the two arrive back at the house they make some comments about Ava's photo from the previous week, which is being displayed around the house. Courtney decides to tell Ava, who later confronts Devin and Mikey. Annoyed, the two begin to complain about Courtney's snitching with the rest of the house while Courtney cries in the bathroom.

The photo shoot takes place at the house the following morning, where it is revealed that the models will be styled in futuristic sportswear for a final shot that will be completely unretouched. Tensions from the night before continue to brew throughout the day. On set, Mamé, Mikey, Devin and Lacey all do well. In contrast, Dustin, Courtney and Hadassah do not.

During judging, Mamé, Lacey, Devin, Ashley, Bello and Mikey all receive positive feedback. Nyle is critiqued for his lack of variation and intensity in his photos. Meanwhile, Hadassah and Dustin once again leave the judges unimpressed. Courtney is praised for her amazing face on film, but is critiqued for not looking like a model in person, as well as her failure to present herself like one. At elimination, Lacey is awarded best photo. The next highest score goes to Mamé, who Tyra notifies would have received best photo if she'd achieved a higher score on the challenge. Hadassah and Dustin are called forward as the bottom two, both for their failure to progress and produce stronger photos. The final scores are revealed, and Hadassah is given another chance.

  • First call-out: Lacey Rogers
  • Bottom two: Dustin McNeer & Hadassah Richardson
  • Eliminated: Dustin McNeer
  • Featured photographers: Massimo Campana (challenge), Erik Asla (photo shoot)
  • Special guests: Anthony De La Rosa

The Girl Who Gets Possessed

Original Airdate: September 9, 2015
The remaining models return home and look at Lacey's best photo, which is up for display. Because Nyle had been told by the judges that they felt his face was boring, Lacey asks him to share the Tyra Suite with her. Meanwhile, Ava, Bello, and Courtney talk about the drama that consumed the house the previous week, with Ava expressing that she no longer wants to be involved in any feuds with the other contestants. The next morning, the models meet Kelly Cutrone, who introcduces them to Cycle 10 winner Whitney Thompson and explains that the contestants will be paired up for a photo shoot session and decide on themes for their client, Simply Be.

Group Theme
Ashley & Ava Simply be Fearless
Bello, Mamé & Mikey Simply be Seductive
Courtney & Devin Simply be Unique
Hadassah & Lacey Simply be Sassy
Justin & Nyle Simply be Heard

Several contestants have trouble working together, while the pairing of Mamé and Mikey causes feelings of jealousy in Justin. At the end of the challenge, Nyle is chosen as the winner. Afterwards, the models return home to see their scores. Ava becomes upset after she sees her score is a 7, ranking near the bottom of the leader board. The following morning, a fight ensues between Hadassah and Mamé after Mamé enters to use the bathroom while Hadassah is taking a shower. The feud continues on the bus as the contestants are being driven to the shoot.

At the studio, the models meet Yu Tsai and photographer Erik Asla for a session in which the contestants will be harnessed in the air as victims of a 'fashion exorcism'. Lacey, Nyle, and Mamé do a great job on set, while Ava, Courtney, and Hadassah struggle. Back at home, Justin tries to relieve the tension between Hadassah and Mamé by calling a house meeting so that they can talk out their problems.

During panel, Lacey, Justin and Nyle receive good feedback. Hadassah becomes emotional after she receives praise from the judges, having been nervous about how bad the session went. Tyra clarifies that although her final shot was good, the rest of her film was not. The rest of the models received mixed critique, with Ava, Bello, and Courtney receiving the worst feedback. At elimination, Nyle receives the highest score. Bello narrowly misses landing in the bottom, leaving Ava and Courtney up for elimination. Tyra notes their declining quality of work as the reason they're in the bottom, and after the final scores are revealed, it is Courtney who is given the chance to stay.

  • First call-out: Nyle DiMarco
  • Bottom two: Ava Capra & Courtney DuPerow
  • Eliminated: Ava Capra
  • Featured photographer: Erik Asla
  • Special guests: Whitney Thompson

The Guy Who Acts a Fool

Original Airdate: September 16, 2015
Nyle celebrates his best photo and challenge win from the previous week. In the Tyra suite, it is revealed that a 'Sign and dine' has been arranged for him and the other contestants for them to bond and get closer together. Ashley opens up about her personal life, expressing her desire to become a better person and be proud of herself.

The following day the models meet Kelly Cutrone at the CW Studios. There they are introduced to Lori Openden, the Executive Vice President of Talent and Casting at The CW - home to America's Next Top Model. Inspired by acting successes from cycles past, namely Analeigh Tipton and Yaya DaCosta, the contestants are paired off to perform in a Shakespearean love scene in front of Lori and a panel of CW executives. The best performer will be given the opportunity to star in a walk on role in one of the CW's scripted series.

Ashley & Devin
Bello & Hadassah
Courtney & Mikey
Justin & Mamé
Lacey & Nyle

The models are given thirty minutes to rehearse their lines. Ashley becomes frustrated with Devin for his failure to take the challenge seriously. Meanwhile, Mamé questions whether or not her feelings for Justin are reciprocated. Both of them are the first to act out the scene, and are critiqued for their lack of chemistry. Bello forgets his lines and improvises the script, confusing Hadassah. Courtney is judged for her lack of confidence and talent, while Mikey is critiqued for moving around too much. Nyle and Lacey perform the best as a whole, impressing Lori and her colleagues. In contrast, Ashley and Devin are deemed to be the worst. Lacey is ultimately chosen as the winner of the challenge. Back at the house, Nyle's childhood friend Brittany drops by for the sign and dine. The contestants are given a lesson on American Sign Language for them to communicate with Nyle. Later into the night, Ashley begins to worry that she'll be eliminated at the following panel.

On the day of the shoot, the models are driven to Zuma Beach to meet with Yu Tsai. He explains that they will have to put their acting skills to the test in a sexy commercial where they will be paired off to advertise the fictitious deodorant, Boom Boom Boom.

Ashley & Nyle
Bello & Courtney
Devin & Lacey
Hadassah & Justin
Mamé & Mikey

Most of the contestants do a good job, notably Lacey, Nyle, Mamé, Mikey, Hadassah and Justin. Devin is scolded for his unprofessional behavior in the challenge, and struggles with his over the top modeling. Bello and Courtney, who are the last pair to shoot, have a hard time with their chemistry and the cold temperature of the water.

Mamé, Bello, Lacey and Nyle are praised for their performances in the commercial at judging. Courtney is critiqued for her awkwardness, while Devin and Ashley are judged on their poor acting. At elimination, Lacey is revealed to have attained the highest score, with Ashley and Devin being called forward as the bottom two. Both of them are reprimanded for their performance at the challenge, which reflected on the results of the shoot. With a score of 28.4, Tyra hands the last screen capture to Devin, and Ashley is eliminated from the competition.

  • First call-out: Lacey Rogers
  • Bottom two: Ashley Molina & Devin Clark
  • Eliminated: Ashley Molina
  • Featured photographer: Erik Asla
  • Special guests: Lori Openden, Brittany (Nyle's ex girlfriend)

The Girl Who Got All Dolled Up

Original Airdate: September 23, 2015
Lacey celebrates being the first person to earn two best photos. Mikey reels from the elimination of Ashley, and when Courtney tries to join his and Devin's friendship, she is rebuffed. The house celebrates Devin's 22nd birthday, but Devin uses Nyle's phone to take selfies, effectually cutting off Nyle's communication platform. Frustrated, he leaves the party.

This week's challenge saw the models being divided into three-person teams that are given one hour to create a 6-second Vine video to serve as a public service announcement for STEM ("Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics").

Bello, Courtney & DevinPower
Hadassah, Mamé & MikeyRespect
Justin, Lacey & NyleMoney

In the rush to finish, Bello accidentally deletes their video, forcing his team to re-film the video at the last minute. Courtney's unconvincing portrayal of a woman in a position of power is criticized, as is their disjointed script, and they come in last. Conversely, Hadassah, Mamé & Mikey's video incorporates both message and humor to result in their winning the challenge.

For the photo shoot, the models are given a demonstration by Tyra on how to portray a life-sized doll, before being assigned a different themed doll to personify. Courtney struggles because she doesn't know what "fashionista" means, and reveals that she had never read a fashion magazine. Bello and Devin both struggle too, while the rest all perform well.

BelloUgly-pretty Punk
CourtneyFierce Fashionista
DevinH2teed Up
HadassahFlawsome Free Spirit
JustinBooch N Ballin
LaceyTyra Taught Me Tooch
MaméWerk the Hallway Like a Runway
MikeySavage Smize
NyleBoom Boom Bon Voyage

At panel, Tyra shocks everyone by revealing that there will be a double elimination. Nyle, Justin and Mikey's photos are praised, although the latter is informed that his film wasn't as strong. Hadassah's improvement in the competition is also noted, but it is Lacey who once again receives the highest praise from the judges, including Kelly's statement that it is the best photo of the competition so far. Courtney and Bello's facial expressions fall flat while Devin's is deemed to be too comical for a doll.

After deliberation, Lacey wins her third best photo, while Bello, Courtney and Devin land in the bottom three. Courtney is the first to be eliminated, followed shortly after by Bello, with Devin surviving his second consecutive appearance in the bottom.

  • First call-out: Lacey Rogers
  • Bottom three: Bello Sanchez, Courtney DuPerow and Devin Clark
  • Eliminated: Bello Sanchez and Courtney DuPerow
  • Featured photographer: Erik Asla
  • Special guests: Robert Behar, Brittany Furlan

The Guy or Girl Who Came Back

Original Airdate: October 2, 2015
The final seven contestants convene at the offices of NEXT Model Management for their go-see challenge, and are shocked to see the previously eliminated models there. They are then told that the best performing eliminated contestant will rejoin the competition after the next elimination, effectively replacing one of those still remaining. The models choose their partners for the go-sees, and Bello becomes agitated when Hadassah doesn't pick him.

Devin & Bello
Hadassah & Ava
Justin & Dustin
Lacey & Stefano
Mamé & Courtney
Mikey & Ashley
Nyle & Delanie

Dustin and Justin receive bad feedback for walking into (and interrupting) Ashley and Mikey's casting; Bello doesn't book any go-sees, Devin only books one, and the team of Courtney and Mamé arrive late back at the office, disqualifying them from the challenge. Mamé is revealed to be the only person who booked all 4 go-sees, but because of her tardiness, it is Hadassah who wins the challenge instead. Back at the model house, there is mild confusion as everyone gets accustomed to a full house of 14 people again. Bello and Hadassah have a confrontation in the hot tub, and Hadassah ultimately leaves.

For the photo shoot, the models are paired with a canine friend and are told to embody the personality and look of their animal partners. Most of the models perform well, with the exception of Ashley, Delanie, Devin and Justin.

1 Dustin 35.1

At panel, many models receive praise for their photos. Dustin is commended for finally breaking out of his shell and trying many different poses, and Stefano's professionalism is lauded. Nyle, Hadassah, Lacey, Ava, Courtney and Bello also receive praise, but it is Nyle who later wins best photo of the week for the second time. Before announcing who will be eliminated, Tyra reveals the results of the previously eliminated contestants, and their scores are revealed from lowest to highest. Dustin ultimately wins the right to rejoin the competition.

Devin and Justin land in the bottom two, Devin for his continued comical facial expressions and features deemed unsuitable for many types of editorial photos, and Justin for his fading swagger and personality. The show then ends on a cliffhanger as Devin and Justin await their fate.

  • Returned: Dustin McNeer
  • First call-out: Nyle DiMarco
  • Bottom two: Devin Clark & Justin Kim
  • Featured photographer: Yu Tsai
  • Special guests: Alexis Borges

The Girl Who Became Bootyful

Original Airdate: October 9, 2015
The episode continues with the previous episode's bottom two, Devin & Justin, awaiting their final scores. Devin is revealed to be the final contestant in the top seven, and Justin is eliminated from the competition, much to Mamé's dismay.

  • Eliminated: Justin Kim

The remaining models travel to Las Vegas, and are taken to their new home - the SLS Las Vegas hotel. Dustin's return to the competition displeases several contestants, especially Hadassah, who feels Dustin hasn't learned anything from his elimination. Later, Miss J introduces the models to cycle 20 contestant Don Benjamin, who will serve as the judge for their first challenge is Las Vegas. All of them are asked to style themselves for a photo shoot session where they must jump into a swimming pool. Nyle, Devin, Lacey and Mikey struggle to capture the right moment on film. Hadassah, Dustin and Mamé take the best photos, but it is Mamé who is chosen as the winner of the challenge.

For the shoot, all the contestants are assigned roles to portray in a music video that promotes Tyra's new line of beauty products. Most contestants do well, but Dustin struggles the most after flirting with several of the extras instead of practicing.

DevinMakeup artist
DustinParty host
LaceyInsecure girl
MikeyLadies man
BOOTYful Music Video

BOOTYful Music Video

At panel, Dustin and Hadassah receive the worst feedback. In contrast, Devin and Mikey receive the most praise, with the latter achieving the highest overall score. Hadassah and Dustin land together in the bottom two, like they had done earlier in the competition when Dustin was first eliminated. The final scores are revealed, and Dustin is once again eliminated in favor of Hadassah. The episode concludes with the world premiere of the music video that was filmed during the episode.

  • First call-out: Mikey Heverly
  • Bottom two: Dustin McNeer & Hadassah Richardson
  • Eliminated: Dustin McNeer
  • Featured photographer: Massimo Campana (challenge)
  • Featured director: Erik Asla
  • Special guests: Don Benjamin

And Then That Happened

Original Airdate: October 23, 2015
The episode highlights all the phases of the competition, showing never-before-seen footage, including the filming of the opening sequence, Dustin and Nyle's 'bromance', a visit from Miss J and Yu Tsai shortly before makeovers, Ava and Bello's failed bubble bath, extended moments from Ava and Courtney's scrape with some of the other contestants, an argument that ensued between Ashley, Hadassah and Mamé, team DMA's music video, and many more.

The Guy Who Closed the Deal in Vegas

Original Airdate: October 30, 2015
The remaining six contestants return to the hotel after the previous panel, and Mikey celebrates having earned the highest score at elimination. Hadassah becomes frustrated at her consistently negative feedback from the judges, feeling that they are failing to see her improvement throughout the competition. Several contestants vocalize their opinion that the judges are showing favoritism towards Lacey.

The following day the models arrive at the headquarters of Zappos Couture, the brand that will use the winner of the competition as the face of their 2016 re-lauch. There, Kelly introduces them to Melissa Costa, head of Zappos brand marketing. They are later shown a clip from Tony Hsieh, the CEO and founder of the brand, and are introduced to the second judge for their upcoming challenge, Eileen Tetreault. After being briefed on the mission of the brand, they are taken to the Sayers Club at the SLS for a salon style runway show wearing different outfits from Zappos. Backstage, Hadassah gets reprimanded by Kelly after disagreeing with the scores and ranking of the last elimination. Lacey and Hadassah fail to sell their outfits, while Mikey, Nyle, Mamé and Devin are all given praise for their performances. After the show is over, Mamé is chosen as the winner of the challenge, and receives a complete look from the show as her prize.

On the day of the shoot, the contestants have to take photos in groups with Miss J for the fictitious social media platform 'Fierce-a-gram' complete with personalized hashtags. The final result of each photo will be cropped and uncropped, with the cropped version being seemingly sweet and innocent, and the uncropped version revealing a wild Las Vegas party.


Lacey is criticized for her lack of variety and one-note look, and Devin is once again critiqued for his over the top expressions. Hadassah is congratulated for standing out in the group shots of other contestants, but failing to stand out in her own shoot. Mikey is noted for quickly emerging as a front runner in the competition. After the shoot, the contestants are taken on a limo ride through Las Vegas. Back at the house Devin and Mikey get into an argument over Mikey's flirting with Hadassah and Mamé, insisting that Ashley was eliminated due to having been distracted over Mikey.

Panel takes place back in Los Angeles. Mikey and Mamé are given the most positive critique, with the other four contestants receiving varying degrees of mixed feedback. Mamé receives the highest score, but Tyra points out that it was Mikey who'd achieved the highest combined total from the judges for his photo. Mikey, Devin and Nyle are all given their photos, leaving Hadassah and Lacey as the bottom two. Hadassah is revealed to have the lowest score at 30.2, and is thus eliminated.

  • First call-out: Mamé Adjei
  • Bottom two: Hadassah Richardson & Lacey Rogers
  • Eliminated: Hadassah Richardson
  • Featured photographer: Erik Asla
  • Special guests: Melissa Costa, Eileen Tetreault

The Girl Who Took a Shot in the Dark

Original Airdate: November 6, 2015

DevinCrazy, sexy, cool
LaceySmall town girl surviving the real world
MaméGodbless tribe
NyleSign that!
  • First call-out: Mikey Heverly
  • Bottom two: Devin Clark & Nyle DiMarco
  • Eliminated: Devin Clark
  • Featured photographer:
  • Special guests:

The Guy Who Was a Momma's Boy

Original Airdate: November 13, 2015

  • First call-out: Mamé Adjei
  • Bottom two: Lacey Rogers & Mikey Heverly
  • Eliminated: None
  • Featured photographer: Carolyn London
  • Special guests: Chrissy Teigen

Finale Part 1: The Girl Who Made a Splash

Original Airdate: November 20, 2015

  • Featured photographers: Mark "The Cobra Snake" Hunter (Nylon magazine), Erik Asla (Zappos Couture)
  • Special guests: Melissa Costa, Kevin Bailey

Finale Part 2: America's Next Top Model Is...

Original Airdate: December 4, 2015

  • Eliminated: Lacey Rogers
  • Eliminated: Mikey Heverly
  • Final Two: Mamé Adjei & Nyle DiMarco
  • America's Next Top Model: Nyle DiMarco
  • Special guests:

Contestant gallery

Delanie Dischert

Eliminated in episode 3

Stefano Churchill

Eliminated in episode 4

Ava Capra

Eliminated in episode 6

Ashley Molina

Eliminated in episode 7

Bello Sanchez

Eliminated in episode 8

Courtney DuPerow

Eliminated in episode 8

Justin Kim

Eliminated in episode 10

Dustin McNeer

Eliminated in episode 5 - Returned in Episode 9 - Eliminated in Episode 10

Hadassah Richardson

Eliminated in episode 12

Devin Clark

Eliminated in episode 13

Lacey Rogers

Eliminated in episode 16

Mikey Heverly

Eliminated in episode 16

Mamé Adjei


Nyle Dimarco


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